Solo • 1

Solo • 1

Amber Docters van Leeuwen is currently working on her newest project under the working title, SOLO • 1.

“How is it that you can feel you miss someone without actually knowing them?” “Are all perspectives true?”

In SOLO • 1 she raises questions that have occurred during her search for her birth parents by stepping into an installation, deforming film, sound and material in an interdisciplinary performance, leading the audience to the “Unknown”.

Amber has been in contact with the unknown for quite a while. 
For the first time in her life, with the birth of her daughter, the unknown shrunk a bit. She finally found her genetic resemblance in someone else, her own daughter.

 There will be no right or wrong answer. 
“The space I want to create is one that offers an abstract landscape where you can find the beauty of “Not Knowing”. There is a place, it is filled with emptiness. I can look at it, I can feel it, it is always there. My adoption left a hole in my history. An empty place filled with questions. SOLO • 1 will resonate from deep within with these questions.”

 More information and performing dates will follow.