Solo # 1

Solo # 1

Performance Dates

Frascati Theater
2, 3, december 2022

Stadsschouwburg de Harmonie in Leeuwarden
24 juni, 19:00 uur // 21:30 uur
25 juni, 18:00 uur // 20:30 uur
in het kader van: Oerol spoelt aan

Cellobiennale Amsterdam
24 oktober
Cancelled due to Covid-19

Fringe Festival Amsterdam
NDSM Theater Amsterdam
9 // 10 september
20:00 uur // 22:00 uur

Corrosia theater Almere
Try-out Solo#1
27 augustus, 20:30 uur

A hopeful musical performance about existential emptiness

In this first solo production, cellist Amber Docters van Leeuwen invokes an impression of her adoption from the South Korean capital, Seoul. Using text, images and live cello and electronic music composed by herself, she takes us along on the very first journey she made: from the orphanage in Seoul to her new home in The Hague.
SOLO#1 is an innovative form of musical theatre at the intersection of concert, performance and visual theatre. This results in an exciting, almost fluid, ever-changing audio landscape that grants us intimate access to Amber’s inner world. A musical trip through a world without a beginning, where many questions remain unanswered.
In this production, the individual story of Amber’s adoption is the starting point for a narrative with a more universal meaning. At the heart of this is an absurdist appreciation of life and the existential questions an early adoption inevitably give rise to.

How can you miss someone you don't know?

Concept, performance, music and text: Amber Docters van Leeuwen
Dramaturgy: Marijn van der Jagt
Direction: Jochem Stavenuiter
Decor (Globe): Cocky Eek
Lighting and video: Karl Klomp
Costume: Johanna Trudzinski
Technical producer: Manuel Boutreur
Production: Lena Meijer
Campaign image: Nine Islands
Commercial management: Harm Witteveen
Marketing: Andrea Lentink


About Amber Docters van Leeuwen
Dutch cellist Amber Docters van Leeuwen works where music and theatre come together. Always searching for new forms of expression, Amber collaborates with artists from a wide range of disciplines.
From 2007 to 2014 she lived in New York, where during and after her studies she wrote and performed music for theatre director Bryan Davidson Blue. Works that have been performed in New York’s historic Cherry Lane Theater, among others.
In 2015 she collaborated on Ola Mafaalani’s Borgen with Noord Nederlands toneel; in 2017 she performed at the Parade festival with Laika into Orbit and in 2018 she performed in the production Frou Frou by Mime Theatre Group Bambie.
Amber has set up a platform on which she gives solo performances of her own music for cello, voice and electronics. She also performs at many different venues inside the Netherlands and beyond, including Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, the Eye Filmmuseum and Museum M.